Getting To Know Your Audience Using Facebook Search

By Bas van den Beld

Facebook Graph Search can reveal valuable insights about your audience’s interests, which you can use to guide your Facebook marketing strategy.

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Facebook Video vs. YouTube: Which Is A Better Investment For Brands?

By Greg Jarboe

Senior marketers should weigh all the pros and cons before shifting a large percentage of their video marketing budgets from YouTube to Facebook.

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10 Facebook Content Marketing Dos & Don'ts For Brands

By Kelly Wrather

Start bringing your brand and stories to life by refocusing your Facebook marketing efforts on the content consumers want to see.

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5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

By Larry Kim

Facebook is a powerful platform for targeting ads to existing contacts or based on purchase behavior, profiles, life events, or other consumer data.

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Mastering Facebook Images To Increase Consumer Engagement

By Andrew Girdwood

Images are a superb way to connect to your consumers on Facebook. But everyone does it. Here’s how to whip your brand’s Facebook images into shape.

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4 Standout Facebook Marketing Campaigns

From interactive Facebook apps to coupons done right, brands testing the ROI of Facebook marketing campaigns had something to post about.

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