Defining Affiliate Marketing

By Andrew Girdwood

Affiliate marketing is still growing and will be an interesting year. What’s been going on in the sector and what may happen next year?

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Amplifying Video Content With Social Media To Improve Discoverability

By Greg Jarboe

Improve your video marketing strategy by identifying “super-sharers” in your audience to help build a community around your content.

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Will Be The Year Of Branded Social Communities?

With brand reach in decline on Facebook and Twitter, is it time to engage socially with consumers on dedicated, brand-hosted communities?

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4 Tips on Crafting PPC Ads That Convert Like Crazy

By Larry Kim

Here are a few creative paid search ad writing tricks you can use that will payoff in higher conversion rates, lower CPCs, and a better ROI.

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American Express Hopes Taylor Swift App Turns Fans Into Future Cardmembers

New American Express Taylor Swift Experience app taps into Swift’s loyal fan base to create awareness with a new generation about the brand.

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Performance Marketing: 4 Key Metrics For Brands

By Santi Pierini

These essential performance marketing metrics help determine how campaigns are performing, how spend can be optimized, and success or failure.

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