14 Fitness Brands Targeting Consumers Who Made New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight

Plenty of fitness brands are working (out) hard to hone digital content that appeals to as many consumers with weight loss resolutions as possible.

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Top 4 Challenges Of Health Care Content Marketing

By Victoria Edwards

Here are four of the biggest challenges of content marketing in health care, along with some tips that can help the process run more smoothly.

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Will ‘Serial’ Inspire A Revival Of Branded Podcasts?

By Kelly Wrather

Marketers who tune into “Serial” will discover three storytelling practices that co-creator and narrator Sarah Koenig has mastered.

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30% Of Shoppers Leave Ecommerce Sites In Less Than 1 Minute

Ecommerce sites only have seconds to capture and engage their consumers and move them further down the conversion path.

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