Auto Trader UK Builds Consumer Excitement Using Legos As The Driver

Brand lets consumers request Lego versions of their automobiles using the #drivenbyme hashtag.


In a campaign that leverages multiple social media profiles, aims to engage hundreds of thousands of target consumers, and weaves in the pop culture icon Lego, Auto Trader UK’s latest marketing initiative for the hashtag #drivenbyme is delighting users and invoking nostalgia.

Springboarding off the iconic brand Lego and its mass appeal, Auto Trader UK is making great use of its approximate 200,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in a campaign that transforms a handful of target consumers’ cars into their toy-sized Lego counterparts.

The campaign, which launched on December 8 and runs through December 12, collects requests from consumers on social media via the hashtag “#drivenbyme” for Lego versions of their automobiles, and one selection per day will manufacture a tiny Lego vehicle for a total five Lego cars created in this campaign.

At the time of writing, one entry had already been chosen, and the images of the Lego car – an Austin Seven Mini replication – are featured on the Auto Trader UK profile on Twitter:

The “build” video is featured on Auto Trader UK’s Instagram, and you can even see how excited the consumer (Ethan) who requested the Austin Mini is. Taking advantage of all social profiles, Auto Trader UK featured the build video on Facebook as well.

It isn’t the first time the social hashtag #drivenbyme has been used by the Auto Trader UK. In fact, in a campaign previous to this one, the brand asked consumers to share their favorite driving songs using the same hashtag.

So far, the campaign seems to be met with enthusiasm, as consumers engage with the idea by liking and sharing updates, and most importantly, requesting their favorite car be immortalized in the beloved Lego building blocks.

“Lego and cars have a lot in common,” said Mark Malone, MD at Krowd, which is responsible for the Lego campaign. “Everyone’s first discovery, the pride in that first completed project. The same excitement for that first set at Christmas or the keys on your 18th birthday. While many cars roll off the line generic, straight out the box, we all customize them in our own little ways, leaving our own stamp and making them ours. Offering people the chance to have their pride and joy immortalized in their first childhood love is beautiful. Lego and Auto Trader just fit.”

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